You create Relationships with everything and everyone.

Past Experiences

You create filters based on your past relationships/experiences and the influences of individuals you encounter throughout your life. These filters form the basis of your belief system and the way you view and approach situations. In many instances, your filters help you achieve success or serve to protect you. Ultimately these filters shape the way you “show up.” They affect your reactions and responses to situations and people.

Perception & Response

Your unique perception creates your perspective and beliefs about life, which are applied to each of your relationships. Recognizing your perceptions reveal the specific filters you’ve developed and how they are influencing your life. By understanding the impact of the perceptions, you create the ability to decide how you want to respond to all relationship/experience.

Purposeful Presence

You have the ability to achieve the life you desire when you identify and release internal challenges and blocks created by past relationships. Knowing how you show up and how you respond to stressors is important. As you become more conscious of your responses you decide on how you want to engage. Instead of being reactive you respond by choice, allowing you to be your authentic self.

Why Coaching Works

Coaching is a conversation that has an outcome. The coach partners with you to establish a meaningful outcome that helps you make progress towards your goal established at the beginning of the coaching session. The coach acknowledges you are the expert of your life and hold within you the answer to any situation you face.

During coaching sessions, the coach asks thought provoking questions which allows you to recognize thoughts/beliefs that could be getting in the way of achieving your goal(s).

The coach will work with you to explore and raise your awareness around thoughts/beliefs/patterns that create the barrier.

You can then create new perspective/belief/mindset that supports positive action towards your established goal. Allowing you to end the session with action steps you created during the session which are based on and supported by the new thinking/belief you created.


“Tiffany was a great listener. She was encouraging and was very positive. She did not make me feel like my concerns were dumb or unimportant. I left the session feeling inspired.”

Christina B.

Eye Opening

“I can now look on the bright side and let go of my past fears. In order to handle challenging situations in a way that produces a more favorable conclusion, I am now better skilled at reading people and am aware of the telltale indicators to look for while interacting with others.

In order to make friends with those people who irritate me instead of carrying a negative mood around with me, I accepted to be coached to learn more positive ways to deal with them. As a result, I now have friendships with individuals that I did not always agree with in the past.

I have formed friendships with individuals I formerly believed did not like me, and I now make it a point to do things for myself that I enjoy. I feel wonderful.

I enjoyed being coached. I always come away feeling motivated. You were an excellent listener, a nice person, and a mentor.

I would advise others to pursue life coaching if they are prepared to change a few things and are willing to do it for themselves. This will allow them to make changes quickly rather than having to wait a lifetime for things to happen to them.

For me, things are going great right now. I now devote a lot more time to balancing and social activities. I’m feeling better about myself.

I want to thank you once more for being my life coach and for everything you have taught me. That has influenced my life, and I continue to work on myself every day. I finally realized I had found what I was seeking for and am extremely grateful for this.”

Michael D.


“This was the first time I spoke with a life coach and because I have a difficult time opening up to and trusting people, I was not sure if it could be of benefit to me at all. Tiffany was very easy to talk to. She was patient and calm and put me at ease almost immediately.  Tiffany was able to bring me out of my shell and helped me find the cause of what hinders me from moving forward. She helped me establish mini goals and to focus on the here and now. Tiffany showed me that I have strengths and abilities I didn’t realize I had and that I am able to leave the past behind. I am very thankful that I decided to have this session and I am feeling stronger and more positive in my surroundings. I am looking forward to future sessions with Tiffany. She gave me confidence in myself again and I am so thankful for what she helped me discover about myself.”

Patricia Q.

All experiences are opportunities for growth